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Baranta in english

Name: Baranta Traditional Hungarian Martial Arts Association

Short name: National Baranta Association


Botond Biró - international relations

Phone number: +36-70/3140062

E-mail: barantaszovetseg@gmail.com,  biro.botond90@gmail.com

Website: www.baranta.org


Baranta is a continuously developing martial art, which has been created by collecting all the movements from Hungarian body-culture, fighting and battling techniques that had been applied during our history. It is based on the knowledge of folk-culture and a still shaping independent philosophical tendency of Hungarian origin called ’social psychology’ or ’folk psychology’ (one of its founder and most quoted writer is Sándor Karácsony). At the moment, in six countries, in more than a hundred communities, about 2500 people are practising the style based on the traditional hungarian values, moral and culture of motion.